Liu-Bai #8, Downhill

Hsin-Yao Tseng [Biography]
Hsin-Yao describes his "Liu-Bai" series, of which this painting is among, in this way:

"I am combining both Chinese and Western philosophies and techniques. In traditional Chinese painting, there is a skill called 'Liu Bai' meaning not to fill in all spaces on a canvas. The blank spaces allow the general surface of a painting to 'breathe'.

"I create fully realized cityscapes, brimming with activity and depth, but whose uneven borders are produced by energetic black brushstrokes that flare off into white. The effect borrows from the aesthetic of Chinese brush and ink paintings while also reflecting such modernist issues as experimentation, radical shifts in perspective and a focus on the surface qualities of the canvas."

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24 x 24 inches